East Lothian Unison Retired Members 2018 meeting dates

Retired Members In Action UNISON East Lothian Council Branch Retired Members have meetings four times each year to which all of this Branch’s Retired Members are welcome.
You may ask what is the point of Retired Membership and what does the Retired Members’ do? The answer is quite a lot. Although, as a retired person you no longer require the protection that trade union membership gives for your working life, there is still a whole raft of benefits you can still access from cheaper car, home and pet insurance to the UNISON Welfare Fund if you get into financial difficulties.

The Retired Members in UNISON East Lothian Council Branch are represented on the Branch Executive Committee, attending their meetings monthly. We currently have a representative on the Scottish Retired Members Committee and the Scottish Pensioners’ Forum Executive Committee. Every year we send delegates to Unison’s Scottish Retired
Members’ Conference, the National Retired Members’ Conference and the Scottish Pensioner’s Conference.
The Retired Members themselves are actively involved in campaigning on a wide range of issues such as pensions, care for the elderly, funeral poverty, concessionary travel, etc. In Scotland we are
affiliated to the Scottish Pensioners Forum which is similarly active.Recently, the Scottish Retired Members’ Committee has been making considerable progress in getting retired members more involved in mainstream UNISON activities. Recently, Yvonne Craig (Retired Members’ Committee Secretary), was made the Labour Link Officer for East Lothian Council Branch and our representative on the Scottish Retired Members’ Committee was delegated to represent retired members on UNISON Scotland’s Learning and Organising Committee. Both these roles were previously only for “working” UNISON members.
We have put motions on various issues to this Branch’s AGM on a number of occasions as well as contributing to motions going to national conferences on pensioner related issues.So you can see that there is more to the retired members than eating cake and socialising (though that’s important too); we’ve had speakers at our meetings from the Police, Fire Service, Welfare Rights and the University of the 3rd Age (U3A) amongst others. We have also had talks on Archery and the chance to fly a computer flight simulator.
The Retired Members will be meeting on the
following dates during 2018;
Wednesday 7 March 2018 (Annual General Meeting)
Wednesday 9 May 2018
Wednesday 1 August 2018
Wednesday 7 November 2018
All of our meetings are at 11am in the Town House, Haddington. If you’re a Retired Member why not come along. You may meet some old friends, make some new ones and at the very least have a cup of
tea/coffee and biscuit (maybe even some home baking). We’d love to see you.
Tom Lithgow, Chair – Retired Members’ Committee

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